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I get madder than Joe Goebbels at a Bar Mitzvah when I hear people call lotteries a waste of money! What other chance do these sad sacks have of striking it rich? Lotteries keep alive the American dream! We have in existence lottery stubs signed by none other than George Washington! That's right - our founding fathers though lotteries were a whiz-bang idea!

The average guy spends somewhere between $2,000 and $40,000 playing lotteries in his lifetime. What's the big deal? I'll bet your wife spends that on pedicures! Also, he gets at least part of that back! What other weekly expenditure can you say that about?? People need to lighten up on these lottery players. What other chance do they have of making the same amount as Glen Beck this year?

That's right! Glen Beck makes over $30 million dollars each and every year! Put another way, Glen Beck wins the lottery EVERY YEAR!! Why is this man so upset?? How would you act if you won the lottery EVERY YEAR? This is how Glen Beck acts - HE WHINES ABOUT ALL THE TAXES HE HAS TO PAY!!! Tell you what, if you win the lottery, go around complaining to all your friends about all the taxes you have to pay! How do you think they will react?

Now suppose you win the lottery multiple times. Start going to your friends house every evening and spend an hour or so griping about all the taxes you have to pay! How long would they pay attention to you? THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT GLEN BECK DOES!!!! Why don't all you morons give him the boot ride?? 

Link - Unlike most of your readers, I'm a tax expert!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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