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I'm madder than a liberal listening to Rush Limbaugh that Iowans feel it is their birthright to hold the first caucuses in the nation every four years! And not just when it is their turn - always!
Iowans have had their say for many years, now let's see how some one else does.

That's right - Iowa - the group that voted for Tom Harkin, among others. The way the caucuses are set up, anyone can bus in as many supporters as they need! Pat Buchanan and Pat Robertson faired extremely well using this format.

Don't you think that maybe a state with a well-rounded representation of America as a whole should be polled first? Iowa is 93% white! The total population of the entire state is smaller than some of our cities. Between 2000 and 2005, over 40,000 people left Iowa for another state. This was offset by births and over 20,000 Hispanic immigrants, most probably illegal.

You need a better reason to continue with your first-in-the-nation status than "that's how it's always been". Most Iowans I talk to can't even find Washington on a map let alone figure out that Tom Harkin hasn't even lived in Iowa for nearly 20 years!

OK, Iowans, ask your kid to name the last seven or eight presidents. Then ask him who the Secretary of Defense is. See what I mean?

Find a state with large cities, diverse ethnic groups, varied industries (including agriculture), and give them a voice! Why narrow down the field before these important states get to have their say? If I was from Michigan or Florida, I would move my primary up, too!

And while you're at it, switch to a standard primary like most states have! Because caucuses do not allow absentee voting, citizens serving overseas as well as those who cannot travel are simply left out of the political process. Nice. Voting requires hours of your time. No wonder less than 10% of Iowans vote in them.

Orville K. Bass, American

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