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I'm madder than a Bluetooth user with a busted headset at all those morons who think that their phone calls are more important than my comfort and safety! What in the hell is keeping those guys on the phone all day? It's not cool to be talking on the phone while you're ignoring real live people who need to communicate with you! And, by the way, we really don't care to hear about what your wife had for lunch - even though it's more important to you than watching the road!

Everybody knows by now that this excessive habit is nothing more than ego-enhancing at the expense of others! These morons are telling us, in essence, that "You don't matter, and I must be very important." Don't you dolts know that everyone in the world has a cell phone?!?! We just have enough class and common sense not to be rude to the people around us! We know that you can return a call at the appropriate time and in a better location.

Everywhere you go you get that obnoxious ringing! These guys have completely stopped communicating with the people around them! I was at a bar recently and had to call the bartender for a beer on my cell phone! Why? She was too busy on her cell phone to do her job! And I'm sure all these calls are incredibly important. Way too important to pay attention to your job or how you're driving.

And what about those idiots in grocery stores who absolutely can't decide what kind of cereal to buy without calling home on their cell phone and discussing it? Now that's important! You asses need to use the phone at appropriate times and practice common cell phone etiquette! For starters, pay attention to the real people in front of you first! Tell the guys on the other end of the line that you are speaking with some one. I'll bet they'll let you call them back - unless they're too busy on another call!

If you have to talk non-stop all day on the phone, at least learn how your phone works. Click on the following link and learn something!

Link - Cell Phones Are Cool, But How Do They Work?

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Orville K. Bass, American

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