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OK, I'm only going to bring this up this one time. Mostly because it makes me madder than hell and I can barely see straight writing this! Why does everyone over the age of 65 insist on toting around their checkbook and paying for everything with a hand-written check? This is the equivalent of carrying around a notebook and giving everybody an IOU for your day-to-day purchases!

Wake up! Do you really think that it's a good idea to give total strangers your bank account number?? Don't you realize that anybody can print perfectly professional checks with this number after purchasing less than $50 worth of software? You have the option of keeping all of this information private!!

Banks give you debit cards absolutely free of cost! These cards are very secure. If you lose your card, almost all banks will assume responsibility for its use after you report it! What happens when you lose your checkbook???

I can't remember the last time my checkbook left my house. Writing people notes telling them you'll pay them later went out with the barter system. Don't you hate getting in an express line and finding out that the person ahead of you is going to spend several minutes making out a check?!? Don't you feel like just paying it for them?

You can make all of your purchases electronically for absolutely no charge. Or you can purchase checks. Duh. Electronically, your bank and personal account numbers are kept confidential. Why is this so hard to figure out????

Many places have bypassed people's ignorance and unwillingness to change. When you write them a check, the money is still electronically transferred and they hand you your check back! All that you have accomplished is spending extra money for checks and extra time that even if it doesn't bother you, really pisses off the people behind you in line!

Pay your bills electronically! Save postage, time, and check costs! This check-writing thing was a real hoot in the 50's, but unless you live in Mayberry, it is a real nuisance to retailers and other shoppers! You can save your retailers a mint by upgrading to the 21st century!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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