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I'm madder than a Jew at a usury trial because I keep hearing all of those Bible-thumpers demanding that we post the ten commandments all over the place! Even in public, taxpayer-funded locations like schools and courtrooms! They claim that the world would be a better place. They say that posting the ten commandments will curb violence and save society. I say "Eat my stone tablets!" The ten commandments is a religious document, for crying out loud! It endorses Protestant Christianity. What is everybody else supposed to do?

They like to brag about how these commandments are special because Moses received them directly from God. Prior to Moses, Hammurabi received his laws directly from the Sun God Shamash! What's wrong with posting those laws? Ask these people, if they are so convinced that posting these rules are so important, how many of them have bothered posting them at home? Well, I can tell you how many - none! That's because they merely want to make a public spectacle of their faith. You are supposed to think, "Wow, those guys are really spiritual and deserve eternal life." No one sees their homes, so they don't care about that. Pure hypocracy.

The first four commandments do nothing but explain your duties to God. Only problem here is that different people have different Gods (they all think theirs is the best, of course). Our first amendment guarantees freedom of religion, but the first commandment states, "thou shall have no other Gods before me" - see the problem here? And by the way, which version of the commandments are you going to post? Protestant? Catholic? Jewish? Something else? Maybe just let the churches fight it out? That'll take centuries.

And the commandments are archaic and filled with contradictions. They leave all kinds of things out. Like cruelty to animals, owning slaves, and wife beating. Oh, and believe it or not, they conveniently leave out the molesting of children! The contradictions are endless. What if the only way to prevent a killing is to lie? Should you "honor your parents" if they are sexually abusing you? How about if your children are starving and the only way to get food is to steal it? You would be better off just posting a restaurant menu!!

Stealing, killing, and lying are wrong. But do you really believe they are wrong ONLY because God said not to? Don't you think they would be wrong even if they weren't part of these commandments? You don't need stone tablets to know not to do these things. And you don't need them posted in schools to keep your kids in line. Your kids should know what type of behavior society demands of them! I want my kids to do the right thing because they have empathy and the understanding of what's at stake, not because they memorized a set of rules!

For your benefit, I've included the following quiz so that you will forever be aware of the rules for mankind that God has laid out in the Bible. Click on the following link:

Link - So, you think you're an expert on God's commandments?

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Orville K. Bass, American

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