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Can anybody out there explain to me why it is that people who live in small towns consider driving 20-30 minutes completely unacceptable? These folks require that all there licensing needs and government services be within a 5-minute drive from their home! They are in no way concerned that their convenience is being subsidized by the rest of us!

The state of Iowa has 99 counties - only seven states have more! Yet, in many of these counties, fewer than 10,000 people live! If you ask them, they will all be adamantly opposed to combining some counties to save money - they will state that it would be extremely inconvenient to have to travel 20-30 minutes to reach a courthouse, for example.

They prefer to pay entire courthouse staffs large salaries to basically do nothing most of the time!
Just how busy do you suppose the Greene County recorder is on your average day, as opposed to the Polk County recorder's office? How about counties such as Cook in Illinois, Dade in Florida, or counties in southern California?

Their refusal to travel does not end there, either. People who live on one end of towns such as Jefferson often claim that it is inconvenient for them to frequent businesses not centrally located! Are you kidding me?!? Businesses on the outskirts of these communities regularly go broke because of poor location!

Recently, a friend of mine travelled 2,000 miles to vacation in central Iowa. After arriving at the airport, he phoned friends in Jefferson who told him he should drive to Jefferson and visit them!!
Talk about refusing to meet some one half way!

There are many parks and scenic areas in rural locations within 20 minutes of Jefferson. Some very beautiful state parks, for example. Unfortunately, the residents of nearby communities can't be bothered with travelling the great distances required to get there! It would take them away from their TV sets, after all.

Let's get these folks in their cars and off their asses so that they can take a look at the world around them!  

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Orville K. Bass, American

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