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I'm madder than John Maynard Keynes at a tea party rally! How can so many morons assemble in one place and dictate economic policy, while knowing absolutely nothing about it?? Tea Partiers seem to think paying taxes is bad. Government is bad. All the while, they are using everyday services provided to them by the government! Lots of them are on Medicare, for crying out loud! Here's what happens when you don't pay taxes: less government services, higher interest rates, and higher deficits!

Tax rates are the lowest they've been in 30 years! But they all claim they're over-taxed! Ask one of them how much he paid last year in federal income taxes. They don't know!! They can tell you the amount of their refund, however! Obama has lowered taxes on EVERY TAX-PAYING AMERICAN! Fact! These morons want to pay NO TAXES. They claim that we can balance the budget simply by making cuts. To that I say: HORSE HANGERS! You would have to cut away almost every government program there is and still not make it! After making your cuts, guess what? You have to start paying for stuff! That's right! Get out your wallet and start paying for some of the crap that you take for granted!

Start with FICA. The FICA deduction hasn't changed in almost 20 years. Guess what the cost of health care has done during that span! That's right - you have to PAY FOR IT. Know why our bond rating was dropped from AAA to AA+? If you actually took the time to read the S&P report (which you of course you did not), in the very first paragraph it clearly states that S&P was bothered by the Americans' apparent refusal to consider raising revenue to pay off their debt! That means paying some taxes for a change! Later on, the report states that they are also concerned that some members of Congress actually are prepared to consider defaulting on our debt as a viable option!

So now you have France, Belgium, England, and assorted other European countries with a better bond rating than us. That's right - all those countries with national health care that you make fun of - simply because they are willing to at least make gestures of willingness to repay their debts! They pay more taxes than us, but that just means that they don't think stuff is free! We are currently $15 trillion in debt! At what point do you think it might be a good idea to start paying more taxes?? Cuts in the budget are great - but that only reduces our future debt! We need to pay for our past and present debt as well! 

If you can't pass the following quiz, you have no business entering the debate over America's economic condition! Take the easy quiz below!

Link - Click here to find out if you are really an economics moron!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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