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I'm madder than Smokey the Bear talking to Herostratus at the Temple of Diana when I hear that firefighters are demanding big pay increases! Why do we need firefighters anyway? Has there ever been a fire that didn't go out sooner or later? That's why we have fire insurance! Why is everybody so scared of fires anyway? Fires are a GOOD thing! And they've been around a lot longer than most of us.

We need fire! Suppose you have a business that's failing. What are you supposed to do - just sit around and wait to go bankrupt? Of course not. And we need forest fires, too. They occur naturally all the time. It's nature's way of clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Sounds like a plan we should use in other areas as well, doesn't it? Do you know how much money is spent annually on smoke detectors alone? Quite a lot, I'll bet. And they don't even stop fires!

Owners of smoke alarms - where's your sense of adventure? Don't you hate having to change the batteries in those things? I guarantee that we all just unhook them the minute the landlord leaves. Everybody knows how to put out a fire - it's no secret. But how about we just let them burn? That'll separate the men from the boys!

Take the quiz below if you still go to bed every night worried that your house and all your crummy little possessions will go up in flames.  

Link - Anybody can put out a fire - bring it on!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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