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I'm madder than Jim Zabel at a pre-pay drive-through restaurant!! I can't believe how low the intelligence level of football fans is!! I spent perhaps the worst two hours of my life at an Iowa State Cyclone football game this fall, trying to adjust down to the moronic level of the fans I was seated by! These guys are babbling idiots! Hard to believe, but some were obviously students. And not drunk!

First off, the guys in the row in front of us insisted on standing up throughout the entire game! Because one member of our party was handicapped, they were unable to watch the game. And I kid you not - every time the whistle blew - no exceptions - these morons started screaming and dropping f-bombs. They didn't even know what the call was yet. They were absolutely screaming at the referee, sometimes only to find out that the call was in ISU's favor!

One time they were so loud that they were unable to hear that the whistle merely blew in order to reset the play clock (the ISU quarterback had pointed it out). Another time the guy behind me really carried on because he claimed a whistle could not have been blown because the ball had not been snapped yet - what a moron! These guys had absolutely no idea what encroachment meant. At one point I heard one of them tell his buddy that it was obvious Coach Rhodes down on the sidelines agreed with him!

And the whole time, you had this incredibly stupid, sophomoric first down ritual the fans went through every time ISU got a first down. Everyone stands up (except the jerks in front of us, who are already standing), and uses their outstretched right arm, signaling a first down, and screams, "another Cyclone first down!!!! This is so juvenile I doubt high school JV teams would do it. Do you suppose they do it against Texas, when they get their initial first down in the third quarter??

Either learn the rules. or don't go to games and prove to us what ignorant, rude, obnoxious fans you really are! If you think that you are NOT one of these morons I'm talking about, click on the following link and prove it! These are actual questions asked of NCAA level referees on their exams!
Link - Watch Me Kick Ass on this Moronic NCAA Rules Quiz! 

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Orville K. Bass, American

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