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I'm madder than Copernicus in the Vatican when I observe the sorry state of our youth when it comes to geography!! While watching the "Family Feud" the other day, a young black female was asked to name a city in the US where foreign languages were often spoken. She replied, "Mexico." When told that was not a city, she responded, "Oh, OK - New England."!

I see kids every day who are just as moronic. A recent study by National Geographic concluded that over 10% of Americans aged 18-24 can't find the US on an unmarked map! Over 70% can't find New Jersey, for cripes sake! We are rapidly becoming the global laughing-stock for geographic ignorance!

Ask your kid to find Portugal on a globe - see what I mean! I bet you can't even find it yourself! You should watch the "Family Feud" more often.

Did you know that Harvard and Yale don't even teach geography at all?? The United States is the only country with significant political or economic global influence where it is possible to go from kindergarten through college without taking a single basic course in geography?

I guess everyone figures geography is nothing more than knowing where stuff is. We'll just all use GPS devices. Kind of like using calculators instead of knowing anything about math. When was the last time any of you Einstein's actually updated the data in your standalone GPS device?! That's what I thought!

Find out just how ignorant you really are - click on this link and take a quick geography quiz - I'm sure most of your kids will flunk!  

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Orville K. Bass, American

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