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I'm madder than Pat Robertson at an STD convention!! Everyone I talk to berates the idea of universal health care - and they don't know the first thing about it! Especially those super-genius senior citizens! Those guys already have government-controlled health care! They just don't like the idea of anyone else having it! They're the only people who don't pay crap for health care and get it for almost nothing. When we talk about expanding those same benefits to include the rest of us (who are paying for them), they get all riled up!

Seniors say that government should not be involved in your personal health care issues. But they are all on Medicare, which is 100% government-controlled! These guys are idiots. We all run around worrying about getting a serious illness and having to pay nearly unaffordable premiums, while they sit back and get all the care they want for almost nothing! The arguments against health care reform are almost as specious as the morons who are against it. Let's look at some of them:

"We shouldn't ruin the best health care system in the world". - Are you kidding me? Although this is a common argument, when you hear it, immediately understand that you are talking to a moron. We have 50 million uninsured, the highest per-capita costs in the world, millions of people pushed into bankruptcy by medical bills, and worse health outcomes than most of the industrialized world. Are you kidding me?

"Some bureaucrat might be able to dictate what care I get." - Much better to have your care controlled by a team of insurance company bureaucrats, whose bonuses depend upon denying your claims and limiting your care! Maybe even denying your pre-existing conditions or kicking you off your policy! Who do you think decides what care you get now? You don't! What's the difference?

"Reform might make me lose my health coverage". - Here's a list of things that could make you lose your current health coverage: Losing your job, switching jobs, benefit cuts, etc. Try starting your own small business. Try getting a serious illness. You want to meet people who have absolutely no worry about losing their coverage? Talk to a senior on Medicare! That rotten government program won't kick people off!

Do you see people on Medicare complaining that they can't have the doctor they want? Do you see them waiting in line for open-heart surgery? Under government plans you can choose the doctor you want - under private insurance you must select a doctor approved or recognized by your insurance group!

You dopes need to stop and think about things before you turn into a lemming and parrot idiocies dished out by pundits who make so much money that they have almost nothing at stake in this debate!  


Link - When it comes to health care, I'm a total moron!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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