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I'm madder than Michael Moore at a tea party rally! I just read that less than 15% of our high school graduates know what Abe Lincoln is famous for! Everybody knows he's famous for being on the penny!! Just reach into your pocket and take a look! American high school graduates routinely flunk all measurements of their knowledge of history. Who, if anyone, is teaching this stuff, anyway? Only 3% of them could name the country that Columbus sailed for!

World History is apparently not being taught at all! The battle of Waterloo did not take place in northeastern Iowa, for cripes' sake! We need to make sure our children know why the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, that Austria once was a penal colony, and that Macaroni invented the radio! I'll bet they would get all those wrong! Students tested actually couldn't state for sure which came first - World War I or World War II!! Do you know?

And if you think they do better at American History, you would be sadly mistaken. They must think Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was route 4! Once again they fail to exhibit the knowledge that Theodore Roosevelt was president during WWII, that Geronimo bested Custer at the Little Bighorn, and that Columbus discovered America while searching for the northwest passage! Would you do any better? Can you name the first pilot to fly non-stop across the Atlantic (Bill Limburg)?? Did you know that Eli Whitney was the first person to successfully distill "cotton gin"??

Brush up on your history and let's make sure our kids are getting it right! Take the easy quiz below!

Link - Click here to find out how much you really know about history!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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