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I'm madder than a Mexican in a Jewish taco stand about our current immigration policies. Why
is it so difficult to get this problem under control? We seem to be the only country (except for northern Europe, who are members of the European Community) that refuses to tackle this issue.

Did you know that 95% of the current outstanding warrants for violent crimes in L.A. county are for illegal immigrants? I'm sure they'll show up for their trials. And police are not even allowed to report illegal immigrants to the INS, let alone arrest them!

We don't need these people here to fill menial jobs. The ones currently here reproduce fast enough that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Trust me. Unless it is your family being subject to criminal activities. You should definitely worry about that!

That's right - it affects your wife and children! In certain parts of America, your kid may be in a class with people not even speaking English! How will he know when other kids are making fun of him?

And how about the literally millions of foreigners who entered our country perfectly legally on temporary visas, but decided to ignore them and stay indefinitely? I'll bet you think we tell them to leave. Wrong! We are told there are simply too many to keep track of! Here's a thought - maybe you are issuing too many to begin with, then!

We are told that these people are all hard-working family people!?! If that was true, Mexico would be full of people like that and wouldn't have an economy in total shambles! People down there wouldn't need to leave to find work.

We need a moratorium on all immigration, and national guard troops stationed along our border. We also need to take a hard look at how easy it is to gain entry visas!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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