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I am utterly speechless. For the first time in recent memory, words completely fail me. Newt Gingrich. Newt Gingrich! In 2012, a Republican candidate will go up against a sitting president who is vulnerable and beatable. As I pointed out eight months ago, all he had to do was be: somewhat youthful, attractive, moderate, and have a minimum amount of baggage. Who is currently the Republican front-runner? NEWT GINGRICH! Yes, I know - he fails on all four! I have come to the realization that your average Joe Republican has absolutely no idea whatsoever how to elect a president!

You cannot possibly choose a worse candidate than Newt Gingrich to run in 2012! First off, he would be 73 years old before his first term was completed! Voters will reject him because of that alone! He is abrasive, makes enemies with astounding frequency, egotistical, and has been known to utter totally outlandish comments. He recently came out in favor of eliminating child-labor laws!! Put the dumb little kids to work! He wants to get rid of the minimum wage, for cripes' sake! That way we can pay the little rascals just a couple bucks an hour! And baggage? Did I mention baggage? How about some of this:

1. He dodged the draft by using family deferments, yet is one of the biggest war hawks in D.C.!
2. He won his congressional seat in '78 by campaigning on moral leadership and family values - then he went to Washington, had an affair, dumped his wife, and sent her home!
3. He then cheated on his second wife while she was undergoing cancer treatments, and presented her with divorce documents while she was in the hospital!
4. He was once caught having oral sex with another man's wife in the front seat of his car by his children's babysitter (the kids were with him at the time)!
5. During the House Banking Scandal in '92, Newt bounced 22 checks!
6. Newt was having an affair with his future third wife while busy impeaching President Clinton and criticizing his morals!
7. He backed individual health care mandates in 1993!
8. He introduced a bill to legalize marijuana in 1981!
9. He has called for bringing back orphanages!
10. He has proposed abolishing social security and requiring IRAs instead!
11. He has proposed mandating educational requirements for voters!

The list goes on, and will no doubt get even longer. President Obama must be licking his chops.

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Orville K. Bass, American

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