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I'm madder than Enrico Fermi at a Greenpeace rally when I hear all those so-called "green" freaks berating our use of fossil fuels to support our lifestyles! First of all, most of these guys don't even know where their electricity comes from! They think it's from gas or oil. Usually, it's from coal (unless you live in France)! That's right, that stuff nobody likes digging up and destroying the habitat. That's why nuclear reactors are the answer!

Pointy-headed liberals hate coal, but don't want us to build nuclear reactors either. They say that they are dangerous. I say they're just scared. They are afraid to die! I'm not afraid to die because I've lived my life by the Good Book - American Legion Magazine! These uneducated folks simply don't understand nuclear power. They aren't aware of the fact that there are currently 439 nuclear power plants currently operating in over 30 countries around the world.

That's right - countries that you probably didn't even know existed! Don't be fooled when left-wingers try to tell you that these power plants are unsafe. Every year nearly 50,000 Americans die from respiratory diseases due to the burning of coal, and hundreds more in mining accidents. No one has ever died or even been injured in America due to a nuclear power plant mishap! They say nuclear radiation can hurt your reproductive organs. My answer is - so can a hockey stick, but we don't stop building them! So what if radiation leaks cause mutated deer and wildlife to grow to immense proportions? That just makes them easier to shoot!

Did you know that a coal-fired power plant emits more radiation into the air than a nuclear plant? I bet not. And by the way, it is estimated that we'll run out of easily-obtained coal in about 50 years. In contrast, there is enough uranium and thorium to last nearly 1000 years. Last time I checked, 1000 was longer than 50!

That leaves us with the problem of nuclear waste disposal. Nobody wants it. Everyone is scared to death of it. I think the main problem is that people overestimate the amount of waste material that is being produced. In 1983 the great President Ronald Reagan correctly stated that "the total amount of nuclear waste generated annually by all of our reactors combined would fit easily into (his) top desk drawer". We'll just take it to the Reagan Library! Anything left over we simply could jettison into deep space.

Before you unjustly decide that nuclear power is bad, make sure you know the facts! Click on the link below and find out if you, too, are a nuclear-sized moron!

Link - No, Mr. Bass, I'm not a Nuclear Moron

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Orville K. Bass, American

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