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I get madder than Tony Stewart in a hoveround store at the growing number of old fogies on the road today! I mean, everyone is living to 100 or so now, so maybe we should take a look at their driving abilities! We look real close at how teenagers drive, don't we? Well, old people cause just as many accidents as they do! And after age 85, they cause four times as many accidents! So what do we do? Nearly every state lets these old people renew their licenses by mail! Good thinking!

I got stuck behind two old farts on the road today. Guess what? Right! One was in each lane! No way to pass - just putt along. And there was no way of knowing when they would turn, either. They both had their turn signals stuck in the "on" position! They were too old to hear the beeping sound! Drunk drivers are bad enough, but every time I've had a near-accident, it was with an elderly person. Last time, I thought the other car was self-propelled - the driver was so short there was absolutely no way of seeing them.

Everybody says not to pick on this group of our most careful, experienced drivers. Yeah, dad was awesome at football back in the day. That doesn't mean he can still do it! Did you know that insurance rates for drivers over 80 are far lower than the rates of younger drivers? Insurance analysts don't view them as a big liability threat. Know what I say? Try driving around them more often! You want to know how many old drivers kill innocent people every day? Quite a lot, I'll bet!

And they all have one thing in common. They think driving slow is the answer. Guess what? Almost every single two-car accident that occurs involves somebody driving the speed limit or slower! Think about that the next time you slow down! These people are a menace to all of us excellent drivers (like yours truly). They like to cruise along in their big boats in the passing lane at exactly the speed limit and claim that everyone else is just going too fast - that's right, it's every one else who is the problem! I say drivers' test for everybody over 70! 

Think you're a a good driver? Take the quiz below and test your knowledge.  

Link - I'm the only good driver out there - bring it on!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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