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I get madder than John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton when I consider that certain members of my Republican Party are thinking about supporting Sarah Palin! This is the party of Abraham Lincoln! Teddy Roosevelt! Ronald Reagan!! Just where in that group does Sarah Palin fit? Don't you think she reminds you a lot of your mom? Or maybe your 6th grade teacher? Is that where you've lowered the bar to?

I hear people say "There is no other Republican on the horizon". Guess what? If she's the best we've got, maybe we're in the wrong party! Cripes, the Anchorage News even endorsed Obama last election. And you don't need the lame-stream media to remind you about it every time she opens her mouth and displays her ignorance on a topic. Just look at her meager record. She belonged to the Alaskan Independence Party before joining the Republicans. Their main objective is to secede from the USA! She even spoke at their last convention!

She likes to scream at congress for their wasteful spending. You know what? Alaska in number one in garnering public earmarks! She thinks that the Kyoto Accord is a car! For crying out loud, can't her husband buy her a hat? That used to shut up my wife for a few weeks, anyway.

And she is so far right, she's downright dangerous. Upon becoming mayor, she immediately asked the librarian how they could get rid of "objectionable" books. And she says the war in Iraq is a "task from God". Only thing is, that's what our enemies say, too! Just whose side is God on? The Spanish Inquisition said the same thing. So did the Crusades. I personally think God leaves all this killing to us.

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Link - OK, I'll take this quiz, but I still like Sarah Palin!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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