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I'm seeing red from seeing pink everywhere I go! You can't go anywhere without being bombarded with pink crap touting breast cancer awareness! Do people actually still think we are unaware of breast cancer? This has to be the ultimate in political correctness gone astray. You see professional athletes dressed in gay-looking pink uniforms and swinging pink bats! How would these people feel if every few minutes I called them up and asked for a donation for prostate cancer research?

That's right - prostrate cancer is even deadlier than breast cancer! But we have to pay attention to breast cancer because women get it! Women are more important than men! That is the message you are supposed to get. Placing all that pinko BS in front of you is no different than having some phone solicitor call you every day and ask for money! Maybe you donated already! You bought some pink crap a while back. Do you have to donate every day?? And how much is buying that cheap pink wrist band actually helping?

It doesn't help at all! What it does is make a statement saying, "Look at me. I am a great person because I believe in this politically-correct cause." If you want to help, send them a check for a hundred bucks! And keep your name off of it. That doesn't matter to anyone but yourself.

If you read this far, you are probably pretty annoyed that all of this text is in pink, aren't you? Exactly my point! If you still want to know more about cancer, it doesn't require anything pink at all! All you have to do is click on the link below.

Link - Take the Cancer Awareness Quiz Now!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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