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I'm madder than Jeff Gordon at the Schlaussen cut-off about the insane idea that some drivers have when it comes to speed! Just exactly what are these people thinking about when they refuse to drive the speed limit? Modern freeways are designed in such a way that they are extremely safe when everyone drives a similar speed. One guy driving slowly causes every one else to adjust and alter the natural traffic pattern!

I was recently in Jefferson, Iowa ( a place without freeways) and noticed that locals are apparently under the impression that the slower you drive, the safer you will be. Guess what? YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY PERSON ON THE ROAD!! What about all the people behind you? How about everyone else who is factoring in a constant speed for all drivers when making their decisions?

How the heck can you possibly talk reasonably well on your cell phone when you have to hit the brakes every few seconds?? I usually also spill my coffee. When the posted speed limit is 70, that means what? YOU SHOULD DRIVE 70!!

It does not mean that the farther under 70 you can get, the safer you are! And please, don't slow down on an on ramp! These ramps have been designed so that you should hit the gas and blend in. Notice the lack of stop signs! Do you enjoy being tailgated? Why are you encouraging the guy behind you to get his gun out?

Normally, a slight tap on the bumper will get some one to increase their speed. If not, road rage usually ensues. And the slow guy almost always loses! There is absolutely no advantage to driving too slowly, unless it is simply all you can handle. If that is the case, get off the road and get on a bike!

Orville Bass can explain stoplights to you briefly, if you still don't get it. Green means go; yellow means go faster, and red means you can still squeeze a few more through there! It's still red on the other side, for cripes' sakes!

If you find somebody who refuses to drive the posted speed, you should put your newspaper down and text the police! These people are an absolute menace on our roadways! They are the reason that insurance rates are so high!

Slow drivers need to stay completely over to the right! The shoulder will work, but the ditch would be better!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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