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I'm madder than Mario Andretti testing speed bumps when I see a stop sign with no traffic in sight in any direction! What in the world possesses tiny little towns to place stop signs on nearly every corner?? And why is it that larger cities use them only sparingly? Do citizens of these small towns actually think they are just a bunch smarter than city folk? What exactly are their criteria for the placement of one of these dinosaurs?

It looks to me like they think that an intersection is a very dangerous place! There is no reason for traffic to come together like that! One call to the local police or city council is enough to halt ALL TRAFFIC USING THAT ROUTE. In many places, there are stop signs at intersections where traffic accidents have never even occurred! Locals will say that their cleverly-installed stop sign is the reason for that. I say that it is because there is virtually no traffic there!

Either the local police are using these stop signs as revenue enhancement tools or they are simply too lazy to enforce speeding laws. In many cases, police officers get paid extra for writing tickets like this. Some can earn thousands of dollars for going to court, in an attempt to justify their traffic stops.

The four-way stop deserves special recognition as a masterpiece of counter-productive public safety efforts. Where should the driver look? Traffic tests repeatedly conclude that when stop signs are omitted from light-traffic intersections, drivers look out for people instead of signs, and they negotiate their way through town accident-free. Just because Edna saw some cars speed past her corner doesn't mean that the entire world should stop to make her happy! Maybe the local police should start enforcing the speed limit!

According to state and federal guidelines, stop signs are meant to bring cars to a complete halt. They are not meant to slow traffic! The first thing that the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices states is "Stop signs should not be used for speed control." The next thing it says is "Stop signs should be installed in a manner that minimizes the numbers of vehicles having to stop."

These little towns apparently think that the world around them is just way too fast and everyone should slow down to make them comfortable. The end result is that people like yours truly simply quit driving to those towns. They will eventually dry up and go away, along with all their #@&*%$##@ stop signs!

Most of the folks in those places who think they're on the cutting edge of vehicle safety don't know the first thing about what makes you safe while driving! They should take the quiz connected to the link below just to find out how big of a moron they really are when it comes to automobile safety! 

Link - I Know Absolutely Nothing About Car Safety!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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