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I'm madder than Dennis Rodman at an Amy Grant concert that teachers and a large segment of the public are convinced that teachers are underpaid and we all should cough up a bunch more of our hard-earned cash and give it to them!

What other job can you hold down where your on-the-job performance is almost completely unmonitored? Hell, you can't even get fired by your boss, the principal! As students' performance in basic math, history, and English skills continue to deteriorate, these folks want raises based on the assumption that they know what is best.

No matter how much we spend, we hear horror stories about classrooms not being able to buy pencils or books, yet the teachers continue to take annual junkets to seminars in Las Vegas and Hawaii!! I guess they need something to do with their spare time, with that three-month-long summer vacation they get every year, Christmas break, Spring break, and other holidays.

In fact not only do they only work about 180 days a year, they only work six hours a day in many places! Lots of teachers find time to hold down second jobs! And it doesn't matter if you teach any of those little shits anything or not! It practically takes an act of God to get disciplined, let alone fired!

Even with all of these "cushy" arrangements, most teachers will blame their pupils' lack of success on their parents - the same ones that pay their salaries!

The average teacher pay varies from area to area, but appears to be somewhere around $45,000 per year. Not bad for working basically half of the time! And to top it off, the teachers' unions fiercely reject any accountability whatsoever! They decry any notion that raises should be based on merit or students' test scores. They claim that they shouldn't simply "teach to the test". But since these tests cover basic skills such as math and English, I say, maybe you should be teaching to the test!

Let's start rejecting tax hikes and demanding that our teachers be held accountable. Start by making them work FULL TIME!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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