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I'm madder than Steve Allen would be if he was alive about the quality of television being shown today on the regular networks! I can't believe anyone would watch this crap! My TV never gets off the expanded satellite channels - and even some of those are suspect!

Back when TV was invented, it was thought that it would be a source of education, and public channels were developed to encourage that! Now we find that millions of otherwise intelligent Americans spend their lives watching unbelievably bad TV! This is proven by the documented fact that television is by far the most frequently-watched major appliance sold in America today!

All of the old intellectually-driven shows are defunct, and have been replaced with laugh-tracks and miserable scripts. I'll bet you can't even name five shows that are on regular TV now that don't start with CSI! If you go to cable, there are actual CSI-type shows that are factually-based. Not made up!

I'll bet that our founding fathers never expected this. Even the inventor of the TV would be spinning in his grave! Do you know what the current average IQ of the American television viewer is? Not very high, I'll guess!

TV used to be a device that required intelligence to operate! You had to adjust the rabbit ears, or maybe decide how much red or blue to add to the picture. Now you just hang it on the wall and watch some dumb comedy show! And not an intelligent one like "Three's Company", either!

In spite of the poor subject matter offered, Americans continue to state that they would rather watch their television than watch their radio! Absolutely unbelievable!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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