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I'm madder than Sean Hannity at a NARAL convention when I hear talk about setting term
limits on members of congress! It seems like after each election, the public votes in the same guys and then bitches about how crappy a job they're doing!

Even though the public opinion of congress has reached record lows, somewhere near 20% approval, we managed to vote nearly all of them back in! In fact, the only group that is now identified as more unpopular than lawmakers is attorneys. Why do we need to pass laws telling these people they can't run for office when they are consistently supported by a large majority of their constituents?

Meanwhile, in 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that establishing term limits on congressmen was unconstitutional. This in spite of the fact that in 1951, it was established that term limits were perfectly acceptable for presidents! That is the Supreme Court for you! Yes, a group of nine attorneys!

There is no other job in the country besides that of an elected official where you can simply vote the jobholder out of office at any time! You don't even have to wait for an election in some cases - look at the referendum on the governorship of California a few years back. How do you think the Governator was elected?

It seems to me that all of the morons who vote think that every congressman is corrupt or incompetent except for their guy! How much sense does that make? I have always said that voting for your representatives is a lot like a kid whose folks are divorced deciding to hang out with the parent that will give him the most allowance!

As a true American, I know how to vote. I don't vote for somebody because I know his name, or because I shook his hand, or because he is young and attractive. And if a candidate tells me he is going to spend a bunch of money on me, I immediately vote against him!

The only reason for term limits is to override the total ignorance of the electorate! Here's an idea. Let's have term limits on voters! You can only vote for the same candidate twice, and then you are required to stop and think and vote for some one else! I'll bet a lot of folks wouldn't like that a bit, but us true Americans will understand!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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