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I get madder than Harold Camping at a Stephen Hawking conference when I see all these looney tunes preparing for the rapture! Exactly how many times are people going to fall for this scam? Guess what? Christ was killed around 33 AD. You know what people were saying in 40 AD? RIGHT! He's coming back any day now!! Every generation since then has had people who were absolutely convinced that they were living in the end times. All the signs were there!

That makes about 90 generations in a row that have got it wrong! That is the really unbelievable part about this fiasco! Not just that Harold Camping's May 21st rapture date was wrong (of course), but that when you asked people if they believed it, they said "No, but I think it will occur within the next 30 years." THAT"S RIGHT - over 60% of American Christians think that Judgment Day will take place before 2050! Even after 90 generations in a row all thought they were the ones, these morons still believe that THEY ARE!!

Thousands of people from around the country quit their jobs and sold all of their possessions, donating it to Harold Camping in an effort to spread the word. Mr. Camping raised well over $100 million. Do you suppose he got it all spent before May 21? NOT! In fact, Camping renewed his radio license for 2012!! Now that the date has passed, I'm sure he will return these folks' much-needed money, won't he? NOT!

Look, I don't care if you believe in this crap or not, I can spot a con artist a mile away. Too bad there are still so many people out there who can't. Most of you probably don't even know what the rapture is. Even if you read the Bible cover-to-cover, you wouldn't. You know why? Because it's not in there!!! It has been invented by certain churches, using a couple of vague phrases out of the New Testament. Find out what you know and what you don't - take the quiz below!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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