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I am completely annoyed by the attention being paid to so-called "undecided voters" again this fall! What the hell is their problem? This is the same group of people who will spend literally hours in the aisles at supermarkets, because they simply cannot decide what to make for supper on Friday night! How hard of a choice can that be? What happens if you get it wrong? You get to try again next week, for cripes' sake!

You see these people all the time. They simply cannot make decisions. How can you possibly expect them to decide something like a presidential election? Would you even want them to?

It is an accepted fact that over 60% of these "undecided voters" are women. New studies have also shown that virtually all of them at least subconsciously know which way they are going to vote. Obviously, they get a big "kick" out of saying that they are undecided.

It is completely impossible for open-minded knowledgeable folks like myself to comprehend how some one could still be undecided! These guys have been running for office for over a year! Any news you even accidentally watched in that time span would have hit upon the massive differences between these two candidates!

It's not like they are just too similar to draw conclusions, you know. Face it, if you can't make up your mind at this late stage, you are probably not going to vote.

Focusing on undecided voters at this late stage in the campaign is simply a myth. Research shows that it is a much more effective strategy to shore up your base and register as many voters as possible. This will keep your declared supporters energized.

I just can't decide what to have for supper.

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Orville K. Bass, American

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