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I'm totally steamed up about Valentine's Day! That's right - just the fact that it's there makes the vein in my forehead pulse! The only holiday we celebrate that has a massacre named after it!! Just a useless day where a man has to bend over backward to please the woman he supposedly loves!

Everybody knows that this is just another scam perpetuated by the greeting card industry to sell cards. And women are the sole drivers of this notion. It's all about women and their competitive nature (comparing rings, flowers, et.). Try sending your wife flowers and having them delivered to your home instead of her workplace! She won't be too keen on that! She wants all the other women she works with to see her haul!

And another thing! She expects you to take her out to dinner, buy flowers, candy, and blah blah blah. What do you get from her? A stinking lousy card! That's right! And it's not just me. I asked around the office to see what other guys got. Without fail, the most they got was a card, regardless of how much money they spent! With the exception of Rick Bland, who said his wife also gave him an unmentionable sex act.

And here's the dumbest one yet - the International Star Registry continues to sell stars to all you misguided morons! Wake up and smell the roses! Click on the following link and find out just how much you really know about Valentine's Day!

Link - I Just Want to Know Who Started This Trainwreck of a Holiday!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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