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I'm madder than Brigham Young when it comes to women claiming that they should earn more money in the work place! Politically "correct" people will tell you that women are still being underpaid for doing the same work as men!

Let's examine that claim closer. Where I work, there are women as well as men managers. They are paid exactly the same! Of course, as working managers, often during the day, these same women expect men to show up and handle the physical aspects of the job! Most men feel that women should be paid the same only if they are doing all of the same tasks the men are!

If employers knew that women would work for less than men, they would hire only women, right?
It would be moronic to hire men! You could simply start a firm and hire women only, and pocket the extra cash you saved in labor, right?

Ask yourself if you are willing to work over 40 hours a week, maybe in bad weather, and maybe under other adverse circumstances. Studies continually show that women are not interested in these jobs! Many iron workers are getting paid more than attorneys - women are welcome to applying for these jobs!

It is a total myth that employers prefer to hire men and pay them more if women are willing to do the exact same job. Employers will hire less-expensive help when they can!

Women of equal qualifications and equal ambitions have absolutely no problem earning equal pay! The statistics continue to be skewed by the women who want equal pay, but require additional time off for child care, or need help with the physical aspects of the job!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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