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I'm madder than Payne Stewart at his refueling station! I got the chance to watch Tiger Woods at his last press conference. He spent several minutes apologizing profusely for his indiscretions. Afterwards, news media everywhere claimed he wasn't sincere. They said he merely read from a prepared text. If I had Gloria Allred and a bank of lawyers listening, I would have made damned sure it was prepared too, by God! Especially if billions of dollars were at stake!

This is about the third or fourth time he has publicly apologized! To you and me! Why should he apologize to us at all?? Has his behavior affected you? Or do you just get some kind of perverse pleasure out of his misery? Let the poor guy make amends with his wife!

Of course, the problem is that his wife won't be happy with that! She hasn't drug him over the coals enough, yet! We've never seen that happen. A scorned wife apologized profusely to, yet still wanting more. Tiger has attempted to settle matters with her, but has been unsuccessful. I WONDER WHY? This woman could get a multi-million dollar divorce settlement by placing a phone call. Oh - that's not good enough! She knows that by sticking with Tiger she'll be worth billions. So, instead, she refuses a divorce! Just once, I'd like to run into a woman uninterested in money!

She'd rather stick around and collect her billions. But, to save face, she requires that Tiger go public every week or two and announce to the world that he is a total loser! Tiger should announce at his next press conference that he is suing for divorce and his ex-wife is a TOTAL BITCH!! End of discussion. Any casual golfer knows that this is merely a matter of golf etiquette. Do you know anything about golf etiquette? Of course not! Follow the link below and see!

Link - I Don't Know A Damn Thing About Golf Etiquette!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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