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I'm madder than Haystack Calhoun at the rear of a buffet line! I get really steamed up when I hear some moron denigrate the great All-American sport of professional wrestling by calling it fake!! Just exactly what proof does anybody have of that? Most likely, those nimrods who think that way are merely jealous of the tremendous athletic ability the sport requires! And believe me, these are incredible athletes! Take a look at Baron von Raschke (photo at left). Have you ever seen a finer physical specimen than that? I doubt it.

Baron von Raschke mastered the "iron claw grasp" early in his career. This was not a full nelson! This was a submission hold! He was able to use it to defeat the likes of Nature Boy Kirby and George "The Animal" Steele! Maybe wrestling used to be fake, but when legitimate wrestlers like The Stomper and Andre the Giant came along they cleaned up the sport real quick!

There are many ways you can tell that wrestling is real! For one, there is a referee, for cripes sake! The referee maintains control at all times. And how about all the blood? How do you fake that? Try telling The Undertaker that he's not a real wrestler. That's what I thought! The Undertaker is real - he's a murderer who kills innocent strangers - just like my Uncle Phil! Next person who belittles America's greatest spectator sport is going to get an Orville K. head butt!! 

Link - I, like Mr. Bass, want to challenge my professional wrestling knowledge!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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