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  New Technology Unlocks Local Mysteries

Recent advances in technology have resulted in the creation of photographic devices previously only dreamed about or discussed in comic books. Jefferson Iowa News has invested in NASA's latest camera prototype, the gamma-X14 particle-disruption digitizer, produced by Minolta in tandem with NASA scientists. This "camera", while small enough to fit in your pocket, is capable of taking pictures through solid substances such as walls and exposing the features behind them.

Acting on a tip, Jefferson Iowa News sent a staff photographer to the Jefferson airport hoping to catch a glimpse inside the buildings which have been otherwise declared "off limits" to the general public. Many locals have rightly asked why these buildings are kept private - exactly what is the mystery that they are hiding out there? Local residents have for many years referred to the area surrounding the airport as "area 51", and have reported unusual and unexplainable phenomena occurring there - see story.

As the high-definition shot featured at left shows, mysteries can no longer be hidden from us by a simple lock or fence. An alien spacecraft can easily be seen in the building along with what appears to be some type of alien life form. It is hard telling just how long these have been hidden from the public. Airport authorities refused to answer our questions regarding this matter.

Jefferson Iowa News plans to use the new camera at other locations around town where the public either is not welcome or has been refused access. Future places of interest include the LEC, schools, and even certain people's houses. Tars Tarkus, JIN  spokesman, stated, "We will definitely find more uses for this device. After all, we have over $500 tied up in it."

If any of our readers know of unusual or unexplained activities going on, or perhaps even strange neighbors, they can now contact us secure in the knowledge that the truth will now come out. As always, you can remain anonymous.

Follow this site for future developments.  

Rick Bland, 05-07-2010