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  Jefferson Natives And Their Celebrity Look-alikes
Part VI  ---  in case you missed parts 1 through 5, - click here on the blue arrow - 

Jefferson Area Native/Resident                    Famous "Look-Alike"

  Dave Durlam                                                                 David Letterman


  Patty Fisher                                                                   Amy Madigan

  Les Fister                                                                       Alan Hale, Jr.

  Harold Woodruff                                                           John Wooden

  Liesl Dzuris                                                                    Christie Brinkley

  Barry Martin                                                                   Steven Bochco

  Jacque Andrew                                                              Agnes Moorehead

  Jolene Peters                                                                 Paula Deen

  Leland Smith                                                                 Dalai Lama

  Marilyn Leiss                                                                Clara Peller