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Why in the world do otherwise intelligent people go around bragging about their abnormally large tax refunds?? Don't these people understand that their refund represents nothing more than the amount of taxes that they have overpaid throughout the previous year? Christ, if I wanted, I could get thousands and thousands of dollars back every year!

It is your own choice! If you let Uncle Sam use your hard-earned money all year, he will give it back to you (minus interest) in January! Do you guys even know how much you paid last year in taxes? Most people don't! But they sure as hell can tell you how much their refund was!

It should be the other way around! You should be aware of what you paid last year in taxes - your refund merely represents how much you overpaid! Here's an idea - pay me $1,000 a month for a new car, and at the end of the year I'll rebate to you the amount you paid in excess of normal monthly payments! How many of you think that's a good deal?

And guess what? Maybe changes in the economic climate will preclude me from doing even that! Right now, California is talking about withholding all tax refunds for 30 days! This is your money!

Anyone with a brain would not agree to arrangements like this. If you find yourself getting thousands of dollars back at the end of the year, you should make the appropriate adjustments enabling you to keep your money during the year and use it to pay bills, or invest it and get a return on your money!

When dopes proudly state that they are getting 3,4, or 5 thousand dollars back, don't you immediately question who their tax advisors are? Usually they are advising themselves, using their own highly-advanced intellect, trying to obtain the largest refund possible!

You don't need refunds, people! Keep your money - it's yours, after all! Do you think Warren Buffet goes around hoping to get a few thousand bucks back? NO!! He uses and invests his money throughout the year, and pays what he owes at the end!

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Orville K. Bass, American

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