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  Jefferson's "Area 51" Continues to Baffle Locals

Somewhere south of the Jefferson Municipal Airport and north of Squirrel Hollow is an area that locals refer to as "area 51". For nearly 50 years now, people near this area have told stories of unusual lights, unexplained spacecrafts, and missing people and livestock. Over a year ago, we covered a story which originated in this area - "UFO Spotted Near Jefferson Airport" - but it was just one of many. We later documented another unexplained event that occurred there - "Unexplainable Lights Baffle Locals" - these are just two out of hundreds of cases.

Area 51's first UFO sighting was an incident reported by local resident Marvin Boxholder, of rural Jefferson. He reported a UFO on the east edge of town, and was able to snap a quick photograph (photo at left). Marvin claims that the object immediately sped up and vanished. Local authorities could find no natural explanation for this event, and it remains unsolved to this day. The fact that he obtained photographic evidence impressed the local residents, and area 51 was born.

In 1967, another notable incident occurred near this area, when local farmer Jonas Workpost actually saw a craft land in a field, and two alien life forms emerged from it. He had no camera, but was able to provide authorities with a description of their appearance. Police sketch artists were brought in, and their resulting picture is available for viewing - click here to view sketch - this particular artist's rendition is still used by many
UFO experts today, as the definitive alien likeness of its era.

For many years, this spot was marked by signage on passing roadways, encouraging tourist traffic. At some point the signs disappeared mysteriously, and no explanation has been given. But that fits in with the rest of the story, as no explanations have been offered  for any of the unusual incidents in area 51. The sightings go on and on. The most recent of these submitted to us by a local resident took place just last week - and can be seen - click here for recent UFO.


Rick Bland, 04-11-2009