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  Alien Spacecraft Found In Jefferson

Jefferson residents have, in recent years, found themselves at the center of controversy when it comes to UFO sightings. Websites from around the world mention, almost casually, the  incident a few years back documented here at Jefferson Iowa when a large craft was spotted in broad daylight near the local airport - Click here for story.

Although most local residents to this day remain quiet about the issue, unexplainable events seem to continually crop up. The people we spoke to around town prefer to remain nameless, but their sentiments can best be described as apprehensive. They continually refer to the area surrounding the local airport as area 51 - we have no idea why. As recently as two years ago, unexplained phenomena were observed there and reported on - Click here for story - not by the local papers, but by our own imbedded reporters.

Although local sources have been repeatedly unable to uncover the source of these phenomena, JIN recently sent our staff members deep into the community infrastructure, in a search for answers.
Number one, we asked ourselves, "Where would you hide an alien spacecraft in Jefferson?" Maybe at Tri-County Lumber?

Lo and behold, upon the release of Tri-County's previously unseen inventory records, lies our answer. It's right there in the inventory listings:

110 - 12' x 4' lumber, pine
360 - 12' x 6' lumber, pine
1 - Alien Space Ship, Star Class
220 - Gray/White roofing shingles, bundled
300 - Boxes #4 nails

Even though the Jefferson Bee and Herald failed to follow up on reports and locate this incredible discovery, fortunately we have the staff available to unwrap these mysteries for our loyal readers.

The personnel at Tri-County would only comment by stating, "Oh, that item is not for sale. It was simply placed here on consignment." Our staff was not allowed to shoot any photographs, and their cameras were confiscated at the door, even though we identified ourselves as chamber of commerce members. The above photo was taken by a local high school industrial arts student, who was looking for mahogany planking.

submitted by Rick Bland, city editor